Asking the right questions about human computer interaction?

Some to social shaping research: a knowledge brokeridge

About Us

Our Experience

Social Shaping Research is a knowledge brokerage. It links you to expertise in all aspects of our technologically rich world - so that you may ask the right questions to deliver the right solutions.

Our partners include world-renowned experts in the sociology of modern life, in human factors and contemporary systems design, in marketing research and strategy, in product definition and development and in the consequences of all this for sustainability. 

Our Approach

Our approach brings the state of the art in scientific knowledge to the problems and reality of real world decision making . Our collaborative processes develop creative insights. 

Why Us?

We have been working between scientific and business life for thirty years. Our main focus has been human computer interaction {HCI). But that is a huge field. So our clients have included IT and communications companies, content providers, paper manufacturers, even government agencies. We know the landscapes of ideas about HCI how to use those ideas to open up new opportunities.